Wayne Thiebaud American, b. 1920

Wayne Thiebaud has long been recognized as one of America's most prominent modern artists. Probably best known for his straightforward, deadpan still-life paintings of the 1960s, and traditionally linked with Pop Art, Thiebaud is identified by his brilliant palette, luscious handling of paint, and the intensity of light that lends a particularly 'California' flavor to his images. Derived from a dialogue between realism and abstraction, seriousness and wit, sensuous pleasure and rigorous form, Thiebaud's art immerses viewers in the magic by which paint transforms itself into the things being described and back again. In addition to his well-known paintings of pies and cakes, contents of delicatessen counters, and other consumer goods, Thiebaud has also painted figure studies, cityscapes with vertiginous plunges that restructure space and perspective, and dramatically abstracted landscapes.