Carolyn Reynolds American, b. 1947


“Obsessed by Nature’s mysterious movement and light, I focus on those ineffable moments in nature that silence me. In the studio, I paint these moments on gold and silver leaf. The leaf reflects the changing light and captures ephemeral moods. After many years painting on gold and silver leaf, it is still an endlessly unfolding experiment.”


                                                                                            - Carolyn Reynolds


Carolyn Reynolds is a brilliant innovator. The quasi-abstract canvases she creates from her Laguna Beach based Studio are produced using countless foils of thin gold leaf. Layer upon layer, the foils are applied to create a shimmering surface on which the artist places hummingbirds, waves, landscapes and tumultuous ocean scenes. The vibrant gold and silver of Reynolds’ work offers an image of celebratory splendor. Using a traditional process in a very contemporary fashion, Reynolds' golden canvases juxtapose subject and space in such a way that challenges our assumptions about the obligatory flatness of abstraction.


Reynolds has been exhibited in California museums, featured in many one-man shows throughout the United States and is in the permanent collections of corporations worldwide including The Ritz-Carlton, The Four Seasons, Comerica Bank, and the Marriott Corporation.


Carolyn Reynolds resides and works in Southern California.