Richard MacDonald: The Performer (DVD)


Drawing on his lifelong fascination with the colorful world of the performer, Richard MacDonald has highlighted one of the central themes of his neo-figurative work: the human being as chameleon, illusionist, performer.  This focus reveals insights into works created early in the artist's career, and gives us a platform of heightened understanding from which to appreciate recent creations.  Like mimes, we wear masks; like dancers we give physical expression to our joys and sorrows, like the circus performers we strive to make the impossible seem effortless: we are all performers.  Richard MacDonald's intutive understanding of this truth unites the body of his work, and comes clsoe to the essence of his artistic vision: for the world is truly a stage.

Runtime:10 min.

7.5 x 5 3/8 in.

Distributed by Richard MacDonald Studio

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Richard MacDonald: The Performer (DVD)
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