Richard MacDonald: The Human Theatre (DVD)


Acclaimed sculptor Richard MacDonald, whose figurative works celebrate movement and excite the imagination, delivers an impressive performance in this entertaining and enlightening DVD.  Creating individual sculptures inspired by his fascination with the Human Theatre, MacDonald interacts directly with the live models as he captures the exciting twists and turns of their energetic routines.  Set inside the artist's Studio, several models perform simultaneously as MacDonald selects the poses he wants to create.  Then, the action really begins as he gets to work.  Two segments titled Cirque and The Tango, feature renowned Latin dancers Jordi Caballero and Zita Gonzalez and Cirque performers Viktor Kee, Oleg Izossimov, and Elena Serafimovich whose acrobatic feats push the boundaries of human power.


Runtime:10 min.

7.5 x 5 3/8 in.

Distributed by Richard MacDonald Fine Art

Video Production by New Dawn Studios

Package Design: Point Design

Richard MacDonald: The Human Theatre (DVD)
$ 19.95