Current Exhibition: Carolyn Reynolds - Painting Into Light

15 October - 2 November 2020

Dawson Cole Fine Art is pleased to present its Virtual Exhibition "Carolyn Reynolds: Painting into Light." As much as we might wish for an unending stream of light and happy days, it is a truth we all understand that difficult days bring us to introspection, and from that introspection we can learn wisdom that will bring greater joy.


To look inward often means to slow down the pace of our normal lives, and focus on single moments—the rare, chance occurrences that abound in nature—a butterfly skimming over flowers, light through a breaking wave, or the mystical hovering of a tiny hummingbird. None of these things are commonplace—although they are around us all the time. Carolyn Reynolds paints such moments, and by doing so, time is slowed, and our appreciation for the beauty of life grows. By contrasting simplicity with complexity, vastness with the infinitesimally small, motion with stillness, Carolyn Reynolds reveals another aspect of the world we live in—a fleeting paradox of a life so small, and yet so perfectly in harmony with the boundless forces of the universe. Enter into the quiet moments, and reflect.