30 January - 15 February 2021

Dawson Cole Fine Art is pleased to present "LOVE + MODERN BEAUTY" from January 30- February 15, 2021.  


There’s something to be said about the holiday’s celebration of love, and among its infinite subjects, art has never had a better muse.  Artists live, as we all do, through the varied seasons and experiences of life, and as their work expresses what is most intensely felt, then the art inspired by love is usually among the most important that they create.


Love is perennial—it spans all of time and is central to everyone’s life.  Love comes in many forms and is uniquely felt in every heart, yet we all understand what it is to love.  Art inspired by love reflects all of this variety, and through the ages it reflects cultural differences and historical nuance, but there is an element of “sparkle” in works of art that express timeless themes of love.  Just as the artist imbues a piece with intensity, so too the viewer feels a corresponding intensity when the theme is love.


Valentine’s Day is a day of love and gifts: it is a delightful celebration of love, pure and simple, from the hand-drawn Valentine of a kindergartener, to the most impressive gift, it is about communicating the love we feel.  At Dawson Cole Fine Art we are presenting a collection richly varied in style, medium, and message, but reflecting the beauty of love.  Twentieth Century masters like Picasso, Warhol and Jim Dine give us bold expressions with powerful color and composition.  These works are a great complement to the passionate compositions of bronze by Richard MacDonald—studies of the powerful expression of human love.


A gift of art as a celebration of love is the ultimate expression of a close bond: it is only those closest to us in thought and feeling who can find joy in the same works of art.  It is truly the most personal gift possible, and therefore transcends passing trends and represents permanence and timelessness. 


In all the varied works presented there is a common element: joy.  Joy in color, or joy in form.  We hope you will enjoy the beauty of this collection and find in it something that reflects your unique love. 

LOVE + MODERN BEAUTY from Dawson Cole Fine Art on Vimeo.