Chiara Ghidoli (LCAD) American, b. 1998


Chiara Ghidoli is a representational artist currently residing in Laguna Hills, California. Born in 1998, she had been heavily involved in art on a representational level from a young age. Starting in high school in the summer of 2015, she started attending fundamental classes in drawing at the Laguna College of Art and Design. Since graduating from high school, she has been attending LCAD in Laguna Beach. She is now majoring in Fine Art and is in the process of attaining her BFA in May of 2021. Chiara has been involved in the Juried Student Exhibition run by the LCAD gallery in Laguna Beach, California, and has also sold some of her work in the LCAD student sale at LCAD Gallery 805, also in Laguna Beach. Aside from selling paintings, she teaches private art lessons to both children and adults. Chiara’s work is mainly figurative, having a particular favor towards portraiture. She uses a traditional method of painting, in which an accurate drawing of the figure is completed first. She then works in layers, starting with thin washes, and then building up to thick impasto in the bright lights of the painting. The majority of Chiara’s paintings are naturalistic in color; her subject matter also embodies a sense of simplicity and mellowness as her figures and portraits remain in docile attitudes and poses.