Richard MacDonald: Magnus Opus

1 - 25 November 2017





November 2018



Richard MacDonald: Magnus Opus

A Major Exhibit and Reception to Celebrate Heroic Sculptures Magnus Opus Opens at Dawson Cole Fine Art – Laguna Beach November 4th, 8-10pm, 2018

Exhibit will continue through November 25th, 2018


November 1- November 25, 2018

Dawson Cole Fine Art Gallery, Laguna Beach, Open daily 10-6


LAGUNA BEACH, November 1, 2018— Richard MacDonald, one of the leading Contemporary Figurative sculptors in the world today, creates his distinctive works in bronze at his Studio and Foundry in Monterey, California. The artist has spent almost four decades bringing Figurative sculpture to a wider audience through major public monuments and a thematically diverse and prolific body of independently created works.  At this stage in his career MacDonald is highlighting his largest works for an unprecedented event titled “Magnus Opus” at Dawson Cole Fine Art in Laguna Beach.


The title of the show means “large and important work of art”, and it is purely descriptive of the historic collection of around twenty larger than life-size bronze sculptures which will be displayed under one roof. These works are known as “Heroic” for the grandeur of their scale, and were created by Richard MacDonald to fulfill his own creative vision, and are not commissioned pieces.  This is highly unusual in the history of monumentally scaled sculptures, which have almost exclusively been created by artists at the behest of patrons and do not reflect the independent spirit of the artist. 


The Monterey studio complex is also on a grand scale, and includes a bronze foundry, so that all aspects of the creation take place under the artist’s eye.  This is the place where Richard MacDonald’s interests draw world class performers from Cirque du Soleil, classical ballet, mime, even magicians—it is a place of music, imagination, and energy.  Richard MacDonald sculpts these performers from live observation. 


 At the Magnus Opus event the studio will be filled with music and performance, and guests will see a creative environment unlike any other.  The show will feature the small, first concept pieces that are called Maquettes shown alongside the larger than life-size bronzes that ultimately result from that first experience.  This juxtaposition, and the environment of the studio, presents a great object lesson in the way MacDonald’s sculptures evolve.  


Guests will enjoy a champagne reception with the artist, music from a string quartet and a grand piano, performances from acrobats and dancers, and larger than life-size sculpture that spans four decades of creative exploration by a major American artist, Richard MacDonald.  


For more information about Magnus Opus, please contact Ariane MacDonald at 949-497-4988. For general inquiries, please email