Richard MacDonald: Red

9 - 30 November 2015 Laguna Beach, Palm Desert



November 9, 2015



Richard MacDonald: red

Richard MacDonald: red Opens at Dawson Cole Fine Art – Laguna Beach November 9th


Nov 9 – Nov 30 2015

Dawson Cole Fine Art Gallery, Laguna Beach

Open Monday through Thursday from 10-6, Fridays and Saturdays 10-10, and Sundays 11-6


LAGUNA BEACH, CA, November 2015 – Dawson Cole Fine Art – Laguna Beach presents its solo exhibition of a profound new direction in Richard MacDonald’s work. Considered one of America’s greatest figurative sculptors, Richard MacDonald (1946- ) focused intently on the minerals and pigments of his patinas in 2014 and 2015. The results are seen in Richard MacDonald: red, which displays the artist’s creative immersion into the hue, the emotion and the narrative of color.


Known worldwide as a post-modern master of emergent figurative sculpture, MacDonald explicates his patinas to the same nth degree of perfection as the bronze figures themselves. The exhibition will feature 42 bronze sculptures, from quarter life to heroic, together with original drawings from throughout the artist’s career, all united within this common color structure. 


Richard MacDonald: redfollows the artist’s use of this common structure throughout his career from the appearance of red in early original drawings including Study of a Young Dancer1998 (Richard MacDonald Studios) to the 2015 red veiling of the iconic work Blind Faith Heroic(Dawson Cole Fine Art). Yin & Yang(Dawson Cole Fine Art) and Aurora(Dawson Cole Fine Art), both created in 2014, initiated the technique that was later to evolve into a deep exploration of the role that color plays in figurative sculpture. Beyond the spectral survey that is apparent, the governing theme that traces its message throughout the exhibition is the evocative power of the color red.


The point of departure for the exhibition is a written composition by MacDonald himself. redreveals the artist’s approach to the color, including essential points of intersection at emotional, visceral and inspirational levels. Included in the exhibition’s print invitations to collectors, redis printed on the gallery walls. It highlights MacDonald’s polymath approach to his art, from the visual aesthetic to the esoteric and the philosophical.


Richard MacDonald: red is organized by Dawson Cole Fine Art – Laguna Beach and Richard MacDonald Studios. The exhibition is curated by Rich & Ariane MacDonald, Gallery Owners Dawson Cole Fine Art – Laguna Beach.  Richard MacDonald: red will tour to Dawson Cole Fine Art – Palm Desert (February 20, 2016 – March 12, 2016).  Richard MacDonald: red will begin an international tour in April 2016.


Meet the Artist at a Gallery Reception:  Saturday, November 14thfrom 8:00-10:00 p.m .and during a Champagne Reception on Sunday, November 15thfrom Noon-3:00 p.m. at Dawson Cole Fine Art 326 Glenneyre Street, Laguna Beach, CA 92651/Phone: 949.497.4988


For further information, please contact Rich MacDonald, Gallery Owner, Dawson Cole Fine Art – Laguna Beach,  +1 888.972.5543,