Duality: Explorations in Contrast and Harmony

1 - 30 November 2016 Laguna Beach, Palm Desert

MEDIA CONTACT: Ariane MacDonald 



For Immediate Release

Monterey, CA 

September 23, 2016

Richard MacDonald Studios


Duality: Explorations in Contrast and Harmony

Solo show for Richard MacDonald opening at Dawson Cole Fine Art, 

322 Glenneyre St, Laguna Beach, CA.

Opening Reception with the artist: 

8:00-10:00 pm, 12thof November, 2016, 

and 12:00-3:00 pm 13thNovember, 2016.


Richard MacDonald (American, b.1946), internationally acclaimed figurative sculptor, is opening a new exhibition of his work inspired by the theme of Duality, and capped by a new work of the same title.  The title piece of the exhibition, “Duality”, exemplifies the idea that the melding and balancing of opposites creates balance, harmony, and insight into the pervasive principles of Yin and Yang.


Masterful sculptors of every era and culture move into the complex field of multiple figure compositions to explore the full emotional range possible when figures interact. Multiple figure compositions create an implied narrative, a suggested relationship, and an expanded range of possibilities for the imagination of the artist, and ultimately, for the viewer.  Richard MacDonald has been exploring the complex visual, aesthetic, and conceptual relationships of multiple figures throughout his career, and the newest work “Duality” highlights a theme that runs through the diverse collection.


“Duality” brings into focus the idea that darkness is defined by light, strength is balanced by tenderness, and that in the balance of opposing forces there is a center of tranquility and peace.  It is the age-old concept of Yin and Yang echoed in a new form, and through this lens earlier works can be seen to exhibit the same dynamic balance.

Richard MacDonald will be present to unveil the new “Duality” in bronze, and several new heroic works (larger-than-life-sized) - Butterfly”, and “Allonge, Male” and “Allonge, Female”.


For further information, contact: Ariane MacDonald by email at amacdonald@dawsoncolefineart.com or by telephone at (888) 972-5543.


ABOUT DAWSON COLE FINE ART GALLERIES  Originally established in 1993, Dawson Cole Fine Art specializes in Contemporary and Modern sculpture, drawings, prints, and unique works on paper by American and European Masters. With a special concentration in Contemporary, Early Modern and West Coast Regionalism, the gallery offers works by Chuck Close, Wayne Thiebaud, Donald Sultan, Richard MacDonald, Henri Matisse, Henry Moore, Pablo Picasso, Jian Wang, Tom Betts, James Galindo and Jim Lamb. For more information, please visit online http://www.dawsoncolefineart.com/ and on Facebook.


ABOUT RICHARD MACDONALD  One of the most collected figurative bronze sculptors at work today, Richard MacDonald has a consuming passion for his work and an unrelenting dedication to its quality and integrity. MacDonald has achieved international distinction for his sculpture, paintings, and drawings. His work has been shown and exhibited worldwide including London, Singapore, Barcelona, Paris, Hong Kong, and the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, D.C. www.richardmacdonald.com