Duality: Explorations in Contrast and Harmony

1 - 30 November 2016 Laguna Beach, Palm Desert

Masterful sculptors of every era and culture move into the complex field of multiple figure compositions to explore the full emotional range possible when figures interact. Multiple figure compositions create an implied narrative, a suggested relationship, and an expanded range of possibilities for the imagination of the artist, and ultimately, for the viewer.  Richard MacDonald has been exploring the complex visual, aesthetic, and conceptual relationships of multiple figures throughout his career, and the newest work “Duality” highlights a theme that runs through the diverse collection.


“Duality” brings into focus the idea that darkness is defined by light, strength is balanced by tenderness, and that in the balance of opposing forces there is a center of tranquility and peace.  It is the age-old concept of Yin and Yang echoed in a new form, and through this lens earlier works can be seen to exhibit the same dynamic balance.

Richard MacDonald will be present to unveil the new “Duality” in bronze, and several new heroic works (larger-than-life-sized) - Butterfly”, and “Allonge, Male” and “Allonge, Female”.